Passive Income Opportunity Platform

About VTabs

VTabs is a degital tech company that is to explore crypto blockchain technology and empowering global investors that enabled anyone to not only examine transactions but help them to manage and control their own money.

We work tirelessly to accelerate the widely adoption of crypto in the future of finance and believe that our core Team of global-class visionaries can shape the future by building a smart products that empower investors, customers and drive the business to new heights.

Platform Summary

Products : Forex Trading, Crypto Trading, Financial Training/Academy

100,000 +

Total Investors

$120,000,000 +

Investment Amount

3,288 +

PIO Investors

$3,600,000 +

PIO Investment


Minimum Investment Amount


Minimum Withdrawal Amount

15% Per Month or 0.5% Daily

Average Return

Jan 1, 2022

Platform running from

Platform Status : Live / Active

Deposit To : USDT / ZAX, Mmit & BGVT

Withdrawals : TRX, ZAX, Mmit & BGVT

Website :

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